Your Very Own Walt Disney World Tipping Guide


Tipping Guide

The customer service at Walt Disney World can’t be beat. But who you tip and who you don’t – can be confusing. Generally, if you tip the service at home, you tip at Disney World. Here’s a quick-tip guide to help you on your next trip.

Magical Express – Magical Express is the free transportation from the airport to your resort and then back again. One dollar per bag is the general rule of thumb.

Valet Parking – If you drive or rent a car and self-park, there is no need to tip anyone. But if you use the valet parking, on top of the daily $20 rate, you’ll need to tip the valet. Two dollars each time he or she gets your car is a fair amount.

Bell Services – If Disney stores your luggage for you (for free!) so that you can enjoy a day at the parks or if you use valet service, bell services will bring your luggage to your room for you. One to two dollars per bag is the going rate.

Concierge Services – Concierge services, either in the lobby or the personalized service you receive at Club Level, are not allowed to accept monetary gifts.

Mousekeeping – Disney housekeeping – One dollar, per person, per day is our guideline. Per day is the important piece of the equation since cleaning schedules rotate and you never know if you are receiving the same person each day of your stay.

Childcare Services – If you utilize the Kids Clubs located in some of the deluxe resorts, there is no need to tip. But if you take advantage of the in-room babysitting services you may want to add about $10 more to show your appreciation for the convenience of coming “home” to sleeping children.

Dining – At Disney and at home we generally tip 18-20%. If service is poor and we choose not to speak to a manager, we’ll tip about 10% because we are well aware of standard “salary” of wait staff and most of the time they deserve at least a little something for their “efforts.” But poor service is rare at Walt Disney World so we tend to tip at the top end of the scale, often going over 20% when the service is particularly special. And don’t forget to tip even if you have a “Free Dining” promotion because tip is not included. If your party is larger than 5 diners, an automatic 18% will be added to your bill.

Bartenders – Don’t forget the bartender! Similar to our dining tab, it is customary to tip between 15-20% for a bar tab. If it’s just a glass of wine or beer, $1-2 will do. Just don’t forget to tip out before you are seated to your table for dinner.

Room Service – Gratuity is included in your bill with room service at Walt Disney World resorts. If you receive particularly great service, you may want to include a little more.

Spas, Salons,  Bibbidi, Bobbidi Boutique & the Magic Kingdom Harmony Barber Shop – Standard gratuity is 15-20%, depending on the level of service. Some gratuities are included. It all depends on the package or service you are receiving. Be sure and read the fine print!

Tour Guides – If you’ve signed up for a tour and are touring with other guests, no tip is required or allowed. However, if you’ve booked a private tour, 15-20% is expected. If you are unsure, ask when you book the tour.

Recreation – Private fishing tours and fireworks tours, expect to tip 15-20%. If you’re playing a round of golf, whatever you tip at home applies here, too.

Cast Members – Cast members in the parks or working at the resorts are not allowed to accept tips. But we have often run into the Cast Member who has gone far above and beyond the call of duty for us and we’ve certainly wanted to tip. In these instances, the best thing you can do is send an email: If you’re afraid you’ll forget to do it when you get home or you want to do it while it is fresh in your mind, you can stop by Guest Services and write a quick note there. These notes of appreciation will be included in their employee file and help in more ways than you can imagine.



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  1. Resort Transportation – Bus drivers and shuttle drivers who take guests from resorts to parks and who also can take guests from a resorts main lodge to the villas also do not accept gratuities.

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