Don’t Forget These Items – Summertime Disney Packing List

Summer Packing Tips

Packing for a trip to Walt Disney World can be a monumental task. If you’re not familiar with Florida weather or the parks themselves it can be downright intimidating.

Aside from the usual short, shirts, skirts, underwear and standard toiletries, I’ve compiled a list of Walt Disney World Summer Necessaries to pack along in your suitcase. Adjust accordingly for your family’s ages, interests and individual needs. There is no perfect list for everyone. But maybe the items listed below will help complete YOUR perfect list!

  • Insect Repellent – Disney is pretty good at keeping the bugs at bay. But if you want to enjoy an evening outdoor movie or an evening stroll around the resort grounds, you might want to spray before you play.
  • Dryer Sheets – Stick one in your pocket before you go outside. They seem to repel some bugs. My sons swear by this trick.
  • Glowsticks and other “Glow” toys – Much cheaper to purchase these before you go.
  • Swimsuits and Cover-up  – Every resort has a Disney themed pool. And of course, there are two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach to help cool you off mid-day. We bring two suits per person. Slipping on a wet suit that hasn’t dried from yesterday’s swim? Very uncomfortable.
  • Swim Googles – For those with sensitive eyes.
  • Bottled Water – In the Florida heat, you must stay hydrated. Even in the winter, we pack our own. Or, if you’re flying, there are online grocers who can ship a case to your resort.
  • Sunglasses and Hat – This past trip I remembered the sunglasses. Not the hat. I was rewarded with a nice sunburn along the part in my hair. Not fun.
  • Sunscreen – No explanation necessary.
  • And More Sunscreen
  • Lightweight jacket – We never needed them just a week ago, but you never know. Especially if you’re sensitive to the extremes of the heat and cold air conditioning.
  • Blister Aid – Moleskin, foot powder, band aids. Whatever it takes.
  • Rain Ponchos – Leave the umbrellas at home but bring the dollar store variety ponchos. I found some for $1.98 at Target.
  • Flip Flops (or comfortable sandals) – We choose a slower pace when we visit in the summer, making sneakers unnecessary for some of us. Comfy sandals and flops keep the feet cooler. Just bring a couple pairs so you can switch out if one rubs you the wrong way.
  • Lip Balm – Even lips can get sunburned.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Necessary for any season. But something you don’t want to go without.
  • Ziploc bag and a wet washcloth or Frogg Togg – To cool you off in a hot line.
  • Pony Tail Holders, Barrettes, and Clips – To keep long hair off your neck.
  • Misting Fan – Another item that is much cheaper if you purchase at home.
  • Aloe Gel – For when you forgot to apply sunscreen.
  • Water Shoes – Absolutely necessary if you plan to visit the water parks. Or, be prepared to shell out $20 for a pair that you could buy for half that at home. (Our latest mistake.)
  • Cooler – A soft collapsible one works best.

And finally, there’s one thing you DON’T have to pack:

  • Forget The Beach Towels – Towels are provided at each resort pool. You can rent towels at the water parks OR you are allowed to take pool towels from your resort with you to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach to help save a few bucks.



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