How Do YOU Tip Mousekeeping?

Mousekeeping TipsApparently, anywhere from 30%-56% of us tip housekeeping services at the resorts and hotels we visit. I’m embarrassed to admit, I never considered tipping housekeeping until about my 20th Walt Disney Resort visit.

My daughter was 3-years-old and when we came back to our room, after a long day at the parks, she walked through the door and gasped. Our room was transformed. Clean? Yes. But all of her Beanie Babies were having a party. Some were watching TV. Some were sitting at the table, enjoying a snack. Some were sacked out on the bed, snuggled under her blankie. A couple were even waiting in line to use the bathroom. She giggled and ran about the room showing us the mischief her animals had gotten into while we were gone.

It was a priceless, magical moment and I had Disney’s Mousekeeping to thank.

I had never considered tipping housekeeping before. My parents, thrifty and having never worked in the service industry, never considered it, either. But in that moment, I became acutely aware of how an easily overlooked service can make a difference in any vacation.

From that moment on, I’ve tipped housekeeping at Disney and beyond.

But how much do you tip?

The standard rule of thumb is $1 per person, per day. When the boys were younger and there was more baby and toddler paraphernalia to negotiate around, I tipped a little more. But typically, and because we keep the clutter to a minimum, $1 per person, per day is sufficient.

“Per day” is important. Saving the gratuity for the end of your visit doesn’t ensure that the proper person will receive the tip. Schedules change. By tipping every day, you know that the person who actually cleaned your room will receive it.

There should be a card in your resort room, introducing your mousekeeper. You can leave the tip under the card. If you feel like getting all fancy or you need a craft to keep your kids busy until you leave for vacation, you can make your own Mousekeeping envelopes. If you’re crafty, you can make your own. If you’re like me (Not crafty. At. All.) you can search the internet for ideas. My favorite template can be found here, at Picturing Disney.

Leaving a tip doesn’t guarantee a little extra magic. In fact, prior to trip #20, we received plenty of magic without leaving a tip. But recognizing a difficult job and a job well done is always appreciated and lets YOU be a part of the magic, too!



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