I fell for the Disney magic from the moment I could watch a Disney movie or the Sunday night television program almost 50 years ago. And when my grandparents took me and my sister to Walt Disney World the first year it opened in 1971, a true Disney nut was born.

I live in the beautiful, southern United States, close enough to get to Disney World in a day but never close enough. I have three children, ages 9 – 21, a husband who is patiently tolerant of my Disney passion, our golden retriever foot warmer, Finn and the one who truly rules the roost, our part-Siamese kitty, Ming-Mu. I love yoga, cooking, reading, swimming and blogging. I also have an affinity for chocolate, Coca-Cola, Mickey Bars and incomplete sentences. There. I said it.

My family and friends tease me but I’m the first person they come to when they need advice about their upcoming trip to my favorite place in the world. Like any good master planner, I have helped people make decisions on everything from where to stay, where and when to eat, when to visit each park, the order in which to experience attractions to where the best seats are for Illuminations and Wishes. Hence, the nickname “Mouseter Planner” was born.

I began this site to share what I know, connect with other Disney aficionados, and continue my own education about Walt Disney World. I’d love to hear from you. Comments, questions, or your very own tips that you’ve gleaned over the years. Together we can help spread the magic that is Disney.

Call it a passion. Call me a fanatic. Just don’t call me late for rope drop!

Hope you find magic and fun, good advice and lots of useful information!


Contact me @ mouseterplanner(at)gmail.com

All of the opinions expressed on this site are my own. The words expressed here are my own. Please do not plagiarize. It’s lazy and it’s just plain mean. Also, The Walt Disney Company does not pay me to (mostly) sing their praises. (Although, if they’d like to, I’m open to discussing an arrangement. Feel free to contact me!)

Most of the pictures  used on this site are my own. Others are from picture sharing sites or used, with permission, from other individuals and are labeled as such. Feel free to use my pictures to illustrate a pin on Pinterest, as long as you link back to this site. If you’d like to use any of my pictures for any other purpose, please ask.

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