Mark Your Calendars For November 18th – It’s Mickey’s Birthday!

November 18th is next week and it’s a date we don’t miss in our family. First and foremost, it’s our son’s “Gotcha Day,” a very important day that marks the day our son joined our family. AND it also happens to be Mickey’s birthday!

My middle son joined our family through adoption. We celebrate his “Gotcha Day” on November 18th, the day we “got” him. No presents. No huge fanfare. We just let him choose a family activity to celebrate. Surprise! He choose going to Disney World and this Disney nut mom couldn’t refuse.
If you happen to be at Walt Disney World on November 18th don’t forget to sign Mickey’s Birthday card!

On November 18th, he proudly wore his “I’m Celebrating” button. In fact, we all wore buttons! And as we were heading out for the day, a Cast Member stopped us and asked us what we were celebrating. We explained and then she said, “Well, this IS a very special day then. It is Mickey’s birthday, too!”

She told us to follow her and let us to the center of the store. There was a large card, wishing Mickey a Happy Birthday, that all guests were encouraged to sign. Of course, we couldn’t refuse!

My son was so proud to be sharing such a special day with Mickey Mouse. He insists on having a cake with candles each year, so we can wish Mickey a Happy Birthday.

So mark your calendars for November 18th and add a little extra celebration to your day! Mickey’s birthday is yet another great reason to celebrate November 18th!