Don’t Miss Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parade!


One of the biggest reasons that we pay extra for Disney’s special parties is the “unlimited FastPass” atmosphere. No, FastPasses are NOT available during the party but the lines sure seem like they’re FastPass lines. And our ride-junkie family loves walking right on to our favorite attractions. So, we typically skip the parade and shows to take full advantage of even shorter lines.

But not when it comes to the Halloween party! Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parade is a MUST for the Mouseterplanner family!

Be sure to check out the special merchandise on kiosks and in stores that are only available during party hours.

This is a hard ticket event and popular nights sell out quickly. Get your tickets well in advance if your schedule is tight. Currently, for the 2016 season, ticket prices are running around $90. The closer to Halloween, the pricier they get. But, while the party starts at 7pm, you will be allowed to enter the park as early as 4pm. Take full advantage of every hour. With trick-or-treating opportunities, unique merchandise, special shows and of course, the parade, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Halloween and Boo to You!

Parade Tips

  • Stake out your seat early. One of our favorite spots is directly in front of the castle. If you’re lucky enough to catch the show just before the parade, just turn around and voila! The parade will pass just behind you. When the kids were little, we watched along Main Street, closer to the exit. That way, we could sneak out just as it was ending to get the kids to bed.
  • The parade has two showings, 8:30pm and 11:15pm. When the kids were younger, we’d push it and hit all the attractions and special events early and then have the 11:15pm parade our last “attraction’ of the evening. Without little ones, I’d recommend braving the thicker crowds for the earlier parade and then enjoy really short lines while the 11:15pm parade is running.
  • The parade begins with the Headless Horseman. This scary guy used to freak out my middle child. My oldest would be the look-out and then we’d distract him once the horse clopped towards us. The rest of the parade, while spooky looking, is tempered with a catchy, Halloweeny tune, so most kids are not frightened. It IS a “not so scary” party, after all.
  • Have your camera ready and have a steady hand. Night shots are always a little tricky (for this photo novice, that is.). But with clever costuming and special effects, you’ll definitely want a few pics for the scrapbook.
  • Be mindful of others around you. This means, only put your child on your shoulders if no one is behind you, etc. The Halloween parade is popular and amazing.
  • And listen to the helpful Cast Members with crowd control and viewing areas. Some spots have tape on the ground indicating where you can sit and stand. Cast Members will be milling about before and during the parade to make sure everyone is safe and able to see.

Happy viewing and Happy Halloween!


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