The Magic Of Wearing Matching T-Shirts At Walt Disney World

poloroidtsIt was like the parting of the Red Sea. Everywhere we went people seemed to know to stay out of our way.

A few days into the trip, my husband, who was NOT thrilled to be dressed in the same clothes, said, “We are doing this EVERY time we go to Disney World. This is great!”

Tired of the uncoordinated outfits for our pictures in the parks, I begged everyone to please allow me to get us all matching t-shirts. My two sons were easy sells. As long as they were going to Disney World, they didn’t care. My daughter and husband, on the other hand, fought me every step of the way. I wore them down like Russell wore down Carl in Up.

A few t-shirts were purchased, as is, from the Disney Store. We “made” a couple sets of t’s with iron-on transfers purchased on Etsy. And then, my daughter’s idea, we tie-dyed a set. Each day we all wore the same colored t-shirt.

And that’s when the magic happened.

One day, we were chosen as the family to “open” the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Another day, I was chosen to participate in the Indiana Jones show.

On another day, my sons were picked out of the crowd to join a street-side show.

And every day, people just got out of our way. We were never separated. We made it into every line together. And people scooched out of the way so we could all see the parade. It was amazing.

Because we are a mixed-race family, we’re used to people cutting in front of us and servers not knowing how to divvy the bill. But this trip? None of that happened. People seemed to give us our space and my husband always got the check! A Disney miracle.

There are so many ways you can do this yourself. The easiest (and most expensive) way is to purchase ready made t-shirts from a department store. Or, you can create your own either with iron transfers or your stellar crafting abilities (and that’s not me!)

We had five shirts.

  1. Navy with Mickey transfers.
  2. Tie-dye
  3. Red with character transfers
  4. Star Wars t-shirts purchased online
  5. Solid black t-shirts (plain and boring, but still did the trick)

If you are creating your own, just get cheap t’s from Wal-Mart, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. But purchase a size up, since they tend to shrink. (And wash before you craft. We learned this the hard way.)

Below are some great sites to get you started. And have fun doing it! Planning and preparing for your Disney adventure is half the fun!

  • Are We There Yet Designs – Disney iron transfers to do it yourself. Love this shop. Great quality!
  • Scrap Inspired – A unique, DIY technique that even I could do!
  • How Does Your Garden Grow – Using bleach, buttons and a Mickey stencil to create your own fashion statement.
  • Mickey Fix – A collection of readymade shirts. Find your favorite, from pirates to princesses to Dapper Dans, and order away!
  • DeMoss Designs – Disney appliques for your shirts.
  • Sew Cute By Alicia – Handcrafted Disney shirts that can be personalized. And reasonably priced, too!

Do you have a favorite matching t-shirt tip or source? Please share in the comments below!



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