How Do YOU Tip Mousekeeping?

Mousekeeping Tips

Apparently, anywhere from 30%-56% of us tip housekeeping services at the resorts and hotels we visit. I’m embarrassed to admit, I never considered tipping housekeeping until about my 20th Walt Disney Resort visit. My daughter was 3-years-old and when we came back to our room, after a long day at the parks, she walked through the door and gasped. Our room was transformed. Clean? Yes. But all of her Beanie Babies were having a party. Some were watching TV. Some were sitting at the table, enjoying a snack. Some were sacked out on the bed, snuggled under her blankie. A couple were even Continue reading How Do YOU Tip Mousekeeping?

What’s Your Favorite Disney Weenie?

What is a Disney Weenie?, you might ask. Don’t be shy. I asked the same question. And Deb, over at Focused on the Magic, explained it all to me: “A Weenie is what Walt Disney and his Imagineers called the iconic structures or focal points in each of the Disney Parks.“ My favorite? The castle, of course. And from this angle: And from this angle: I know. Completely unoriginal. But it’s the classic Disney icon; for movies, parks and merchandise. And it makes me happy! What’s your favorite Disney Weenie? (For more favorite Disney Weenie’s, see the Disney link up Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Disney Weenie?

Things You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest

The 2011 Guinness Book of World Records lists Expedition Everest as the most expensive roller coaster in the world, reportedly $100 million. It’s a three minute ride with a max speed of 50 mph. Vents appear, in working order, under the station to help create the illusion of an actual steam train. With an 80 foot drop, this thrilling ride goes both forwards and backwards for a unique coaster experience. Disney’s Imagineers spent 6 years researching Everest, the myth of the Yeti and traveled to the Himalayas a number of times for inspiration and information. The ride can handle 2,050 passengers per Continue reading Things You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Expedition Everest

Do’s And Don’ts for the Disney First Timer

Do's and Don'ts for Disney World First Timers

DO make your reservations early. You can make dining reservations 180 days before your first day. If you’d like to eat at Cinderella’s Castle or at the newest sit-down dining experience at Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest, you must make advanced dining reservations. I know. One hundred and eighty days sounds crazy. But Disney World’s popularity gets crazier and crazier every year. DON’T plan every minute of every day. Sketch out a basic plan, that includes your dining must-dos, and then enjoy a few “spontaneous” afternoons or mornings. Some of the best memories are created when you take the time Continue reading Do’s And Don’ts for the Disney First Timer

The Ultimate Packing List For Disney World. No. Really. It Is.

In preparation for our upcoming trip, I tried to find the ultimate packing list. I guess the one I’ve used and altered and added to and subtracted from for the past 30 years just wasn’t good enough. I knew there was something better out there. And there was. And there wasn’t. I’ve altered my own list 30+ times, as many times as I’ve been to Walt Disney World. I continue to search for the ultimate list because our needs have changed so much over the years. I’ve visited as a kid (the year it opened!) and I’ve visited as a college student. I’ve made Continue reading The Ultimate Packing List For Disney World. No. Really. It Is.

Stay On Disney Property With A Value Option

  Think staying on property at Walt Disney World is too expensive? Think again. Disney has plenty of budget friendly options to make your trip that much more memorable. And the benefits of staying on property? Worth every penny. Benefits: Free transportation from the airport to the resort by way of Magical Express. Immersed in the Disney magic and Disney themes special to your resort. Pampered by the incomparable customer service. Free parking anywhere on Disney resort property. Disney transportation that picks you up at your resort and drops you off at the gate. Charging privileges from the park to Continue reading Stay On Disney Property With A Value Option