Extra Magic Hours At Disney World Explained

One of the perks of being a Walt Disney World resort guest is the ability to enjoy Extra Magic Hours. Each day, a park or two, depending on the season, is open either an extra hour in the morning or extra hours at night. This is a time when guests of the resorts can spend extra time in the parks, with fewer people and shorter wait times for attractions. You must have a Magic Band (RFID chip), proving you are a Disney Resort guest. Since the Extra Magic Hours (EMH) option was introduced in 2005 there have been varying opinions as to its Continue reading Extra Magic Hours At Disney World Explained

The 8 Best Items To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World

As a seasoned Walt Disney World Go-er  I’ve visited in all types of weather, at all times of year, in all kinds of circumstances. I’ve been as a child, a teen, a DINK (double income, no kids), with infants, toddlers and teens, with extended family and the elderly. I’ve over-packed and under-packed. Listed below are my favorite packing tips and tricks. 1. Bottled Water – At least one bottle per person. We bring a large 24 pack for a family of 5. We refill throughout the day and then renew every other day. 2. Brightly Colored Scarf or Bandana – Tie Continue reading The 8 Best Items To Pack For A Trip To Walt Disney World

Disney Theme Parks After Dark

There was a period of time, when the kids were small, that we never saw the parks in the dark. A good night’s sleep was critical for our middle son and no one wanted to upset his routine, afraid of the repercussions the next day. No one. Fast forward a few years later and we re-discovered the joys of Disney in the Dark. Magic Kingdom – There is nothing like entering the Haunted Mansion while it is dark and eerie outside. Or, as you round the corner on Splash Mountain, catching a glimpse of the castle all lit up.  Everything is Continue reading Disney Theme Parks After Dark

10 Reasons To Stay On Property At Walt Disney World

To stay on property or not to stay on property? That is the question. For the die-hard Disney fan, it isn’t even a question. You stay on-property. Obviously. It’s all a part of the experience. For others, it can be a conundrum. There are so many options in the area: hotels, resorts, condos and homes for rent. But to truly experience Walt Disney World and to truly get your money’s worth, staying on-property is the only way to go. 1. Transportation – Each morning you walk out your door, hop on a boat, a monorail or a bus. They drop Continue reading 10 Reasons To Stay On Property At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom One Day Plan

We’d all like to have unlimited time to visit Walt Disney World. Well, everyone, that is, except for maybe my husband. But most of us don’t have unlimited time (and funds) to explore the many wonders of Walt Disney World Parks. Of the four parks, Animal Kingdom is the easiest to do in one day. Just follow the tips below. 1. Arrive at least 30 minutes before rope drop or when the park is scheduled to open. Yes, you will wait a few minutes but Disney is great at entertaining the crowds. For many people, the opening ceremony is a must-see. Continue reading Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom One Day Plan

The EPCOT Resort Primer

Everyone has their favorite resort. And the reasons are varied and unique. The EPCOT resorts are a favorite for older families. Within walking distance of EPCOT. Fabulous boardwalk nightlife. Easy access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here is a breakdown of each resort so you can pick the best resort for your next visit. Beach Club Resort – This resort is our personal favorite. We love to dine at EPCOT’s World Showcase. Beach Club is the closest resort to EPCOT. It’s an easy stroll, there and back, perfect for burning off the dessert you splurged on. My husband loves how it reminds Continue reading The EPCOT Resort Primer

10 Best Walt Disney World Treats (Or Snack Credits, If You Prefer!)

For me, going to Walt Disney World is a treat in itself. But for my kids? It’s all about the treats. Most (if not all) of the treats listed below qualify as one snack credit if you’re utilizing the Disney Dining plan. And if your stomach is growling by the end of this post, don’t say I didn’t warn you! 1. Any pastry – At the Boulangerie Patisserie found in the France pavilion in EPCOT. Oh la, la! C’est magnifique! 2. Rice Cream – You can find this delectable treat in the Norway pavilion in EPCOT. The creamiest, dreamiest rice pudding dessert Continue reading 10 Best Walt Disney World Treats (Or Snack Credits, If You Prefer!)

Does Disney World Really Have An Off Season Anymore?

I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World since the year it opened in 1971. I have sketchy memories of that first visit because I was just a child. But I do remember a time, about 12 years ago, when you could visit Walt Disney World and avoid the crowds. Now, the Disney message boards are hopping mad with posters complaining of horrific crowds in October. And September. And March. And…..well, you name the month. I’ve always said that Disney World is spot on with managing their work force to match park attendance. There have been times when I’ve visited in June Continue reading Does Disney World Really Have An Off Season Anymore?

The Best Disney Advice I’ve Ever Received

  Arrive at the park at least 30 minutes before rope drop. Simple, right? But I have to admit, I heard that advice a thousand times before I actually put it into practice. Once I did, I never looked back. Before the mid 1990’s, and because I had been to Walt Disney World so many times, I never saw the need to get to the parks early. We were a “fly by the seat of our pants” kind of family. We didn’t need a schedule. If an attraction had a long line, we just moved on to the next attraction. But as Continue reading The Best Disney Advice I’ve Ever Received